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  • Fixmer/McCarthy. Chemicals. Vinyl.

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Fixmer/McCarthy. Chemicals. Vinyl.

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VERY LIMITED EDITION vinyl only EP by the acclaimed project!

The legendary Douglas J. McCarthy, founder and frontman of the seminal EBM project  Nitzer Ebb, continues his alliance with contemporary Techno producer Terence Fixmer together  lending to the electronic music landscape with their combined artistic initiative.

The A side of this 3 track EP presents the title track "Chemicals" in two forms; the original version and an instrumental version. The evolution of the sound that first surfaced in 2003 on Fixmer's own label, Planet Rouge, is apparent on this new installment in the FIXMER/MCCARTHY discography. "Chemicals" original version is a triumphant echo of EBM/Techno fusion constructed with current innovative electronic music production that retains the aesthetic of the original sound of EBM combined with the power of McCarthy's defining vocal style. The fine auditory balance is all the neural support needed to effectively compliment McCarthy's deep and thunderous vocals. This track is reminiscent of the classics "Murderous" and "Join in the Chant” by Nitzer Ebb but clearly light years beyond. The lyrical content references topics relevant to the forward thinking sect of the electronic underground, appropriately titled and are delivered with the magnified intensity McCarthy has draped  the planet with for well over 30 years and for what he has become very well known for. The Instrumental version stands extremely strong on its own and is, for all intents and purposes, a defining example of EBM proto Techno of the futuristic kind. The inclusion of this version expands the releases appeal and will serve the desires of any twilight excursion through dark sonic techno domains.

Side B continues this transmission with another gem titled “Wrong Planet” that has been polished to near perfection in every way imaginable. This is a new development in sound that expands the horizon for this specific genre exponentially. Everything else happens from here on out specifically because this magnitude of output is truly unprecedented and expands beyond crossover range. Fixmer completely demonstrates his expertise while McCarthy’s inspired voice of fueled and cryptic conviction carries forth, a combination of perfect elements that give birth to an anthem for the rooms that deserve and can appreciate this. For DJs of this legion, it's the perfect tool for peak time injection of auditory dissonance and streamlined cadence. For producers, has subtleties, production technique and sophistication that will have one back in the studio with their inspired hands challenged.  This is a unique and advanced release for Sonic Groove and in current dystopian and bleak times it is comforting to know that there are still possibilities such as this to deliver us from it all.

Track Listing

A1 Chemicals 4:45
A2 Chemicals(Instrumental) 4:45
B1 Wrong Planet 6:25