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  • FGFC820. Defense Condition 2. CD.

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FGFC820. Defense Condition 2. CD.

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Product Description

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FGFC820 are back! Just to give you a foretaste of the brand new album, which will be released next spring, FGFC820 will bring you the EP "Defense Condition 2" on NoiTekk this November. The new EP "Defense Condition 2" from New York City's harsh EBM audio assault team, featuring exclusive mixes of the new singles "Insurrection" and "Revolt Resist" plus remixes from Funker Vogt, Komor Kommando, Arian 1 and Accessory - just for the price of a Maxi-CD!

Product Videos

FGFC820 - Insurrection (Call To Arms Mix) (05:14)
The first mix of the first single from FGFC820's DEFENSE CONDITION 2 EP. The EP will be released worldwide on 18 November 2011. It is currently available for pre-order at www.FGFC820.bandcamp.com Insurrection: this is a plea for insurrection this is an urgent call to arms this is all for your protection this is to keep you safe from harm in every field there blooms a land mine in every silo, crops of steel we sow the seeds like founding fathers we till the soil with our heels hey, you! try it again! kick me when i'm down every blow is fuel for the flame kick me when i'm down hey, you! try it again! kick me when i'm down pain is hate by a different name kick me when i'm down the city smolders in the distance i can smell the fires burn we can't abide this fool's existence we can't forget the lessons learned (it's) the sharpest blade the cuts the quickest to restore the common good if you want to cure the sickness you've got to spill a little blood www.FGFC820.com
  • FGFC820 - Insu...
    The first mix of the first single from FGFC820's DEFENSE CONDI...

Track Listing

01. Insurrection (Call To Arms Mix)
02. Revolt Resist (Reload Mix)
03. We Don't Need No WWIII
04. Insurrection (Fuxxor Mix by Accessory)
05. Revolt Resist (Comrade Mix by G. Thomas of Funker Vogt)
06. Resolution 9
07. Insurrection (Resurrexion Mix by Arian 1)
08. Revolt Resist (Billion Dollar Killingmachine Mix by Komor Kommando)
09. God & Country