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  • Faith & The Muse. Where the Land Meets the Sea. 2CD.

Faith & The Muse. Where the Land Meets the Sea. 2CD.


Product Description

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Music can be mythic. Its powers can be magical, and its effect transformative. Music has the capacity to awaken wonder, nostalgia, even sanctity. A handful of artists have been able to restore the sacred power of music. Enter Faith and the Muse... Faith and the Muse brings out deeply emotional responses from their fans. They have been called “an art band with a pop sensibility”; always refusing to conform to passing fads in music. The duo came together in 1993 at the center of the 90's Classic Goth era, with the intention of taking music to new heights; both being established veterans in Underground music. William Faith played with such cult icons as Christian Death and Shadow Project; Monica Richards, who got her start in music fronting Washington hard-core punk bands in the early 1980’s, made a name for herself in the postpunk outfit, Strange Boutique. With the release of five albums and one double CD live/remix album, along with extensive touring throughout the U.S. and Europe for almost two decades, the band had managed to gain the attention of a vast assortment of music fans, owing to their constantly evolving sound: indefinable but unmistakable. Though the idea to put out a "Best of Faith and the Muse" release had been talked of often. It's been 7 years since the band has put out anything, and somehow the world has changed in such a way, that many people may see their music as something of a bygone era. Yet remembering Faith and the Muse and the brilliance of their music may be what we all need right now. While sequestering us inside the mythical and mystical environment of their Otherworldly music, they bring to light the real elements that are true within all of us: a quiet and perfect human connection that has guided our hearts throughout history, yet in this world, is commonly lost. A "Best of" became the "Best Loved Songs" of Faith and the Muse. Monica Richards and WIlliam Faith, the duo that makes up the critically acclaimed band, decided to choose their own personal favorites. The entire booklet for the 2-CD Set is full of memories in their own words for each song chosen, immersed in photos and the original album covers to give it the feeling of each era from which the music was derived. "Where the Land Meets the Sea: The Best Loved Songs of Faith and the Muse" is a fantastic collector's item for old and new fans alike. --- "Where the Land Meets the Sea: The Best Loved Songs of Faith and the Muse" is a completely unique perspective of their music. The playlist has been created especially by the band as well, with the diversity of their songs split into two distinct playlists, "The Land" is full of the harder- edged, dark rock songs, and "The Sea" is more of the Classical, acoustic and ambient pieces. What does the music of Faith and the Muse mean to new fans? This 2-CD set will introduce the band to a new generation.

Track Listing

01 Elyria
02 All lovers lost
03 The Unquiet Grave
04 Heal
05 Cantus
06 Fade and remain
07 Arianrhod
08 In Dreams of Mine
09 Shattered in aspect
10 Patience worth
11 Importune me no more
12 The Burning Season
13 Visions
14 The woman and the snow
15 She waits by the well
01 Sparks
02 The Trauma Coil
03 Mercyground
04 Annwyn beneath the waves
05 The silver circle
06 The hand of man
07 Scars flown proud
08 Plague dance
09 Sredni Vashtar
10 Boudiccea