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  • Faderhead. FH4. CD.

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Faderhead. FH4. CD.

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Product Description

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The new Faderhead album "FH4" once again solidifies the exceptional position of this German producer in the electro scene: a bit more pop-oriented and less dark than the previous two releases, it is doubtful that any other current electro-record will get stuck in the brains of listeners and club-goers like the 13 songs on this CD. "FH4" is stylistically more varied again: Faderhead moves from Electroclash to Synthpop to EBM to Harsh Electro and back to Dance - while always sounding completely recognizeable. His fans have loved this quality for years now and especially connoisseurs of the "FH2" and "FH3" records will definitely love this CD. 'Nuff said: "FH4" is the most complete Faderhead album to date - and a must-buy!

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Faderhead and Gothsicles - Drunk German Bono - Chicago (02:39)
Faderhead and Gothsicles - Drunk German Bono - Chicago
  • Faderhead and ...
    Faderhead and Gothsicles - Drunk German Bono - Chicago

Track Listing

01. Bitches All Know About My Boom (03:40)
02. Self Control (04:10)
03. Take Your Fuckin' Meds (04:38)
04. Every Day Is One Less (03:36)
05. Dancers (feat. Shawn Mierez & Shaolyn) (04:06)
06. Coffee, Sex & Cigarettes (02:53)
07. Free (03:43)
08. No Time To Sleep (03:49)
09. Pornstar Dead (03:06)
10. What Doesn't Kill Us (03:42)
11. She's Like Rain And Hate (04:32)
12. Death.Robot.Deconstruction (04:26)
13. Drunk German Bono (feat. Brian Graupner of The Gothsicles) (03:17)