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  • Esplendor Geometrico. Fungus Cerebri (selected tracks from cassettes 1981-1989). 2LP Vinyl.
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Esplendor Geometrico. Fungus Cerebri (selected tracks from cassettes 1981-1989). 2LP Vinyl.


Product Description

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Fungus Cerebri (Selected Tracks From Cassettes 1981-1989) is a double LP in DELUXE gatefold sleeve which includes a selection of tracks by Esplendor Geométrico originally released on cassette, recorded between 1981-1989.

All tracks have been remastered from the original tapes for this edition. The 16 tracks are taken from "Sinn & Form" cassette compilation (Daterverarbeitung 1982), "En directo Madrid y Tolosa" (EGK 1987, cassette), "Esplendor Geométrico en Roma" (EGK 1986, cassette), "Madrid Mayo 89" (Línea Alternativa 1990, cassette), and "Diez años de Esplendor" (Línea Alternativa 1991, double cassette).

The 80s are a period particularly appreciated by the followers of this cult band, pioneers of the more rhythmic strain of industrial music. Minimalism, raw and harsh analogue electronica, distortion, Arabic sounds, shortwave radio recordings are all typical elements of their style during this first period of Esplendor Geométrico, when they achieved a sound ahead of its time which is still imitated nowadays.

Esplendor Geométrico were always very present within the 80s international scene of under- ground cassette labels. This double LP is the first one of a series dedicated to this movement in Spain, still very unknown despite its activity at the time, with dozens of labels operating from different cities. Artwork by Juan Carlos Sastre, founding member of Esplendor Geométrico. Track selection by Andrés Noarbe, the band's manager since their beginnings in 1980 and director of Geometrik Records.

Product Videos

Esplendor Geométrico - Fungus Cerebri (04:41)
Compilation "Sinn & Form", C60, Label: Datenverarbeitung, Germany, 1982
  • Esplendor Geom...
    Compilation "Sinn & Form", C60, Label: Datenverarbeitung, Germ...

Track Listing

A1 2-TI-2 (5:34)
A2 Cuarenta años nos iluminan (5:12)
A3 Fungus cerebri (4: 43)
A4 Comisario de la Luz VI (4: 49)
B1 Llamada del afropoder. (5:55)
B2 Bleno Boca (5:13)
B3 Tarikat. (5:10)
B4 Allo Terre? (Live 1987) (3:25)
C1 Trans-unma (Live 1989) (5:21)
C2 Atlas-y (Live 1989) (3:54)
C3 Resto atrás (7:20)
C4 Uasat. (4:58)
D1 Neuridina (Live 1986) (7:57)
D2 Celda de agua (2:20)
D3 Autolesión (4:53)
D4 Brazo armado (5:06)