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  • Esplendor Geometrico. Fluida Mekaniko. CD.
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Esplendor Geometrico. Fluida Mekaniko. CD.

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Product Description

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The cult band based in Madrid and Rome, influential "industrial" pioneers of the pulsating, hypnotic and tribal rhythms since 1980 presents new album: Fluida Mekaniko. Since their previous album "Ultraphoon" (2013), Esplendor Geométrico performed more frequently than ever during these last two years in different countries and festivals (for the first time EVER in the US and Russia) – they will also be one of the guest acts at this year’s OUT OF LINE Weekender Festival (31.3 – 2.4.2017) in Berlin! Moreover, in Spain a documentary feature film about the group has been launched recently, directed by a renowned Spanish director within the avant-garde cinema: Geometría del Esplendor, which has just been premierred at the prestigious In-Edit festival in Barcelona, receiving an honorary award.

Fluida Mekaniko has been recorded during 2016 and contains 12 new tracks that, although they continue the line developed since Pulsión (2009), we also find here references to their most harsh and noisy sound of the eighties. Industrial Neo-tribalism where mechanical rhythms hypnotize, like mantras, inducing the trance. It highlights, and already is a distinctive feature of E.G., the inclusion of voices and sonorities of African, Arab and Asian music.

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Esplendor Geométrico - tenante la ritmon (Fluida Mekaniko 2017) (01:41)
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Track Listing

01 Sindromo. 6:08
02 Tempa Akso. 5:18
03 Kooperativo Centrifugilo. 5:37
04Tenante la Ritmon. 5:31
05 Magneta Ripeto. 5:26
06 Vermotruo. 5:08
07 Objektiva. 5:11
08 Mosselprom. 5:26
09 Todavía Más. 5:26
10 Eterno della Vita. 5:54
11 Sonoj. 5:58
12 Dinamika Matematiko II 5:20 (exclusive for CD)