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  • Erdling. Supernova. 2CD.
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Erdling. Supernova. 2CD.

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Product Description

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Erdling are unstoppable. A mere year after the release of the successfully charting debut album  (#64 of the German album charts) the hard-working quartet fronted by singer Neill Devin is  delivering the explosive successor, aptly titled “Supernova.”

And like it should be with any effective sequel, the likable gang of lads have cranked everything up to 11 on their second outing. “Supernova” is a harder, darker, more menacing and a great deal more mature version of Erdling: a hit-monster comprised of anthemic melodies, yet in a  constant wrestling match with laconic German-language lyrics, a juggernaut of precise guitar riffing and a thudding machine of rhythm and electronics. This “Supernova” of Metal, Neue Deutsche Härte and Dark Rock is a highly combustible evolution of the themes of the first  album, with eyes firmly set on new frontiers.

The album will also be released as a deluxe double CD-version containing an exclusive bonus disc with remixes, alternative versions and re-interpretations of the new songs by the likes of Marc Görtz from Caliban, To the Rats and Wolves, Heldmaschine, Andy Brings (ex-Sodom, Double Crush Syndrome) and Calibre Infinite. In time for the album-release, Erdling will also be taking their new songs on the road, touring Germany as support of Hämatom... and, say what you will: this mix just rocks, little bouts of megalomania included. Out of the way, here’s the Absolutus Rex! We are Erdling. We have come to conquer!

Track Listing

01 Absolutus Rex
02 Es gibt Dich nicht
03 Mein Element
04 Kein Schatten ohne Licht
05 Angst
06 Unantastbar
07 Frei wie der Wind
08 Supernova
09 Über-Ich
10 Getrieben von Hass
11 Phoenix
12 Als ich Gott erschuf

01 Getrieben von Hass (feat. Marc from CALIBAN)
02 Es gibt Dich nicht (HELDMASCHINE Remix)
03 Absolutus Rex (TO THE RATS AND WOLVES Remix)
04 Supernova (Symphonic Version by NIKLAS KAHL)
05 Angst (Rape Me Like 1992 by ANDY BRINGS)
06 Mein Element (Ballad Version by NEILL DEVIN)
07 Mein Element (CALIBRE INFINITE Remix)

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