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  • Eraldo Bernocchi & Shinkiro. In Praise of Shadows. CD.
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Eraldo Bernocchi & Shinkiro. In Praise of Shadows. CD.


Product Description

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In 4-panel cardboard sleeve. “In Praise of Shadows" is a massive collaboration album by Italy's legendary producer Eraldo Bernocchi of Sigillum S and Japanese dark ambient mastermind Manabu Hiramoto of Shinkiro. The music weaves dark electronics and industrial dub with heavy atmosphere. The 8 tracks based on a concept of the traditional Japanese aesthetics inspired by Junichiro Tanizaki's essay, beautifully contrasted light and shadow, stillness and motion with using modern technology and various musical compositions.

Track Listing

01 Fluorescent Memories
02 Shadow Ghosts
03 A Scene of Kaleidoscopic Changes
04 Old Man looking at a Window
05 Bloody Footsteps on a ceiling Temple
06 Hikari
07 City Vultures
08 Black Magic Train

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