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  • Encephalon. We Only Love You When You're Dead. 2CD Deluxe.
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Encephalon. We Only Love You When You're Dead. 2CD Deluxe.


Product Description

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Delivering their debut album in 2011 on Artoffact Records, Encephalon returns to the Toronto-based label this Fall for the release of their third and most polished work to date, the double CD We Only Love You When You’re Dead.

Encephalon was formed in 2005 in Ottawa, Canada by Alis Alias, Matt Gifford, and Sam Mainer and self-released a number of demos before getting the attention of labels, most notably the German label Dependent (who put out the band’s first commercially available track), and Artoffact Records, who released the band’s debut, The Transhuman Condition. That record went on to receive album of the year nods on music blog I Die: You Die, who noted that Encephalon are “squarely ahead of most of their peers.

After an eventful half-decade spent playing gigs and festivals, Encephalon return with their third record, a double-album of stupendous, incredibly well-conceived music. The new album will continue to inspire and awe fans of cyberpunk industrial, while still drawing on the epic mixture of symphonic-metal, EBM, and, yes, Meatloaf, that we’ve all come to love.

Track Listing

1. Limb From Limb
2. The Calvin Klein Of Slime
3. Never Bleed
4. Naraka
5. We Only Love You When You're Dead
6. Lunacy
7. In Plague
8. A Debt Of Flesh
9. Limb From Limb (Reprise)
10. What Part Of Me Dies

CD2 - Altered States II: Hell On Earth Baby
1. The Calvin Klein Of Slime (5AM Party Mix)
2. Naraka (Blister Pains)
3. Never Bleed (MiMemory)
4. Hell Come Home
5. The Calvin Klein Of Slime (Industrial Music Version)
6. The Island
7. Limb From Limb (Original Recipe)
8. Lunacy (Nova Spire Remix)
9. The Devil In My Microscope

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