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  • Empusae. Lueur. Vinyl.

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Empusae. Lueur. Vinyl.

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Empusae has been paving the way for many years now, resulting in the release of one critically acclaimed album after another. The main man, Sal-Ocin, is also a much valued contributor and/or band member of a great myriad of acts. Although his music warrants a broad appeal, empusae is best known in the dark electronica scene. With his release of the deeply personal album ‘Lueur’, Empusae is breaking out of these confines for sure.

‘Lueur’ most definitely sounds unmistakably like Empusae, but the dark and brooding drone palette expands his sound tremendously. Testament to the gap Empusae bridges on this new album are the guest vocals of Chve (Amenra, Sembler Deah…). Chve’s characteristic vocal approach gives the music an extra sense of grief and longing, lending the music an extra urgency. This tale about darkness and light will not leave you unmoved and is bound to linger in your mind. Very limited VINYL edition of this special release.

Track Listing

01 Guiding Light [20:34]
02 Retinae Tenebrae [20:58]

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