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Electric Six. Senor Smoke. CD.

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Formerly known as the Wildbunch, the Detroit sextet Electric Six mixes garage, disco, punk, new wave, and metal into cleverly dumb, in-your-face songs like "Danger! High Voltage," which reached number two on the British charts early in 2003. Singer Dick Valentine, guitarists Rock and Roll Indian and Surge Joebot, bassist Disco, and drummer M formed the Wildbunch in 1996 (keyboardist Tait Nucleus joined the band later), releasing their debut single, "I Lost Control (Of My Rock & Roll)," and the eight-track "An Evening With the Many Moods of the Wildbunch's Greatest Hits...Tonight!" that year on Uchu Cult Records. They also released 1999's full-length on that imprint. The group switched to Flying Bomb for singles like 1997's "The Ballade of MC Sucka DJ," the Christmas single "Flying Bomb Surprise Package, Vol. 1," and 2001's "Danger! High Voltage," which became an underground hit, particularly in the U.K. The following year the group signed to XL and re-recorded the single, this time adding backing vocals from the White Stripes' Jack White. After the re-release of "Danger! High Voltage" in 2003, the Electric Six issued their full-length debut album Fire later that spring. Just a few weeks after the album's release, Disco, Rock and Roll Indian and Surge Joebot left the band, and were replaced by Frank Lloyd Bonaventure, The Colonel and Johnny Na$hinal. In 2004, the band got a new record deal with Rushmore, a British Warner Brothers imprint, and lost Bonaventure and M, whose bass and drum duties were filled by John R. Dequindre and Percussion World, respectively. The second Electric Six album, Senor Smoke, arrived in the U.K. early in 2005. Released on Metropolis Records and available on February 7th, 2006.