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  • Eisenfunk. Pentafunk.

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Eisenfunk. Pentafunk. CD.

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Product Description

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There is no other cyberlectro band that received such a MASSIVE success with one videoclip on youtube ever. More than 2,3 Million views made sure: Eisenfunk are a leading force in modern electronics, ranging from Industrial beats to trance influences. Tracks such as Schmerzfrequenz, Duck and Cover, Schussverletzung, Paranoid, Atomic Bomb, Super Space Invaders, Korobeinki were instant hits and have become ‘must play’ tracks for Electro/Industrial DJs around the world. Eight hits in 4 years define the success (so far) of these Bavarian electro-heads! After such an impressive career, expectations for the all new album were huge, and Eisenfunk don’t disappoint with their eagerly awaited new album – filled to the brim with amazing dance-hits! 5 years of Eisenfunk: PENTAFUNK!

Product Videos

The first video of our upcoming LP "PENTAFUNK". Worldwide release is at August, 12th 2011.
    The first video of our upcoming LP "PENTAFUNK". Worldwide rele...

Track Listing

01 Introludiom
02 Pentafunk
03 Pestilenz
04 Prehistorical
05 Neandertal
06 Traditional
07 Taiko
08 Jericho
09 Vampire Hunt
10 Eiszeit
11 Funk´n Base
12 Uncle Sam needs You
13 Camperglück
14 Jinglefunk
15 Pentafunk (Pentafuck RMX)
16 Pentafunk (RMX by Bodyharvest)