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Eisenfunk. 8-Bit. CD.

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Already the title of the new EISENFUNK album give an idea about the sound on ‘8 Bit’: the latest work by the German trio reproduces in a very playful and lovely way the sound of the early electronic computer-games and the early synthesizers – with a special tribute to the sounds of the famous C64 – also the main source of inspiration and sounds for German Retro/Electro superstars Welle: Erdball. Already the opener "Load "*",8,1" is an amazing taster for what is following on 8-Bit and makes hungry for more. The following track ‘Pong’ has been included in 5 versions, incl. 4 remixes by Xotox, Terrorfrequenz and others. Other highlights are the track ‘Hymn’ (with an oldmost ‘chill-out’ character but without being ‘boring’), ‘Medieval Funk’ (a quite exagerated combination of electronic sound and massively distorted bagpipes) or ‘Super Space Invaders’ (dedicated to the Videogame of the same name). All in all a very well produced and original album and a definite MUST HAVE for fans of clean- and retro-electronics! Released on Danse Macabre and available March 25th, 2011.