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  • Eisbrecher. Zehn Jahre Kalt. CD.

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Eisbrecher. Zehn Jahre Kalt. CD.

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A ten year retrospective of this awesome Neue Deutche Hart band. Featuring new takes on some of its most popular songs, as well as three tracks ("Metall", "Zu Leben", and "Wenn Zeit die Wunden Heilt") never before released in North America.

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Eisbrecher 10 Jahres Tour 2013 - Trailer ()
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Track Listing

01. Eisbrecher 2013
02. Metall
03. Adrenalin (Neuschnitt)
04. Miststück 2012
05. Rette Mich (Darcut)
06. Wenn Zeit die Wunden Heilt
07. Verrückt (Maxwell Smart Remix)
08. Prototyp (Daniel Myer Rmx)
09. Verrückt (Breakout Mix)