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  • Edward Ka-Spel. Tanith and the Lion Tree. 2LP Vinyl.

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Edward Ka-Spel. Tanith and the Lion Tree. 2LP Vinyl (Damaged Sleeves).

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An album made with loving care as The Gulf War raged in another part of the World. "We watched in horror as the rockets lit up the skies on our primitive TV during long evenings. By day, we recorded."Tanith" is as home-made as it gets; gentle, utterly violent and a frightened lamb on a cross for some of the meaner journalists back in 1991." All sleeves have some level of damage (many split sleeves and some dinged corners).

Originally released on CD by Third Mind/Roadrunner Records in 1991, Tanith and the Lion Tree was always intended for release on vinyl, but the label saw no future in vinyl back then and decided against the release. It remained a CD only release until this 2xLP reissue in 2002.

The first LP contains all the tracks originally meant for the vinyl release, with the second LP containing the original "CD bonus tracks" (Phoney War and Old Man Trouble), as well as three brand new, previously unreleased bonus tracks. The entire album has been remastered and mildly re-worked by Edward Ka-Spel himself to better suit the vinyl format.

Limited to 512 copies on 220 gram audiophile grey vinyl.

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Edward Ka-Spel - "Prisoners of War" (03:38)
From the album 'Tanith and the Lion Tree', some of my favorite EKS lyrics here: They kept Alfredo in a box and fed him potatoes. Three times daily with a pinch of salt. He'd yell, assault the waiters. So they covered up his windows, put the box upon a string and sparred... said "Sweet Alfredo, we're just like butterflies, we can't sting like the bees... like the bees that took old Mom Eliza when they tied her up with string. Threw the cream cakes, sprayed the syrup... Safe behind the vizors; they taped the screams and played them to the neighbours over barbecued Bartholomew. Home-made blood wine stamped by the feet of the man who would be Christ. Send the lions in - the 'entertainment'!. No-one's ever bored. Life is so much more fulfilling since they gave us all these prisoners of war... Some guys pick the perfect lovers...Some guys pick the perfect whores...Some go for slavery (the old way) .It's all within the law. Life is Brighter since they gave us all these prisoners of war!
  • Edward Ka-Spel...
    From the album 'Tanith and the Lion Tree', some of my favorite...

Track Listing

A1 "O" From The Great Sea
A2 Tanith And The Lion Tree
A3 Interference
A4 Four Of Ten
A5 Loop 1
B1 Loop 2
B2 The Bakersman
B3 Prithee
B4 Prisoners Of War
B5 Three Times Daily
B6 Hotel X
B7 Epilogue
C1 Phoney War
C2 Old Man Trouble
C3 Diary 11th
D1 Diary 12th
D2 Diary 13th