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  • Edward Ka-Spel. High On Station Yellow Moon. CD.

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Edward Ka-Spel. High On Station Yellow Moon. CD.

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There is a station where the train never arrives, where the Waiting Room is always occupied, where the conversation is inevitably awkward and where you’re never quite alone, but perpetually ALMOST alone.

Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to Station Yellow Moon, the final bastion of humanity, the last stuttering blip on the life support system, the domain where Access Is Denied perpetually - but who the Hell would want to go there anyhow?

Well, some pay handsomely for the Great Escape, despite the risks….

“High On Station Yellow Moon” is a new solo album by Edward Ka-spel of The Legendary Pink Dots, and marks the beginning of his collaboration with longtime friend and fellow traveller Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls.

It doesn’t get more conceptual than this.

Track Listing

Part 1
(a) OMG 666
(b) The Flick Of A Switch
(c) The Visitors’ Lounge
(d) The Leary Cloud
(e) Nowhere To Float To
Part 2
(a) Provisional
(b) Layer Cake
(c) Trespass
(e) Eight Mile Bride
(f) Good Book
1. The Leary Cloud (Slight Return)
2. No-one To Hear You Squeak