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Ebola. Cannibal Penis Ballet. CD.

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Product Description

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Cannibal Penis Ballet is the follow up to Ebola's debut full-length release "Reflective Shots" (Wrong Music) which Grooves Magazine called an "Earsplittingly dark assault governed by a feverish intelligence and an almost monastic attention to detail." Ebola is back with 13 new tracks (CD format), delivering serrated digital terrorcore that pummels away emerging in and out of eerie merzbowesque atmospheric pieces. As virile a strain of extreme noise-fucked breakcore that you'll ever hear.

Armed with an array of bowel- collapsing kick drums, edits so fast they will melt your grandma's skin off, and a hard drive overflowing with nasty noises and crass samples, Ebola has been deafening people all over the place since his debut performance at Glade Festival 2005. With his walk-in wardrobe crammed full of styled wigs and fake beards, and a collection of electronic children's toys and biological weapons, the nefarious Mr ebola is on a mission to confuse the drug-addled, four to the floor ravers, and bash the chin-strokers with his large gabba hammer. As virile a strain of extreme noise-fucked breakcore you'll hear, Ebola matches his appellation with the kind of music which will bring you out in cold sweats and the shakes. Released on Sublight and available October 31st, 2006.

Track Listing

1. Teeth Grind
2. Milk Bath
3. Portable Induction Loop System
4. Thankyou For My Speak And Read Henry
5. Wet T-Shirt DSP
6. What Did You Put in the Soup Hana?
7. Ted Bundy's Aubergine Soundscape
8. Ninja Terminator Remix
9. Open University Dismemberment Breaks
10. Spider Carcass (Feat. Judith Priest)
11. Sticking Gherkins To CCTV Cameras Is Fun And Mildly Subversive
12. Emetic Hardcore For 2006
13. Stoneleigh Requiem