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  • E-Craft. The Roots. CD.
€ 11,90

E-Craft. The Roots. CD.

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Product Description

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A collection of E-Craft's early tracks and a new release in Infacted's Klassicks series! More info soon.

Track Listing

01 Das Rad
02 The New Right
03 Man at Steel
04 Stahl AG (Steel-Mill-Mix)
05 Körper
06 I had a Dream
07 I hate my Body
08 Stars & Stripes
09 Silence
10 Rebuilding the East
11 Schmerzpervers
12 Der Stahlinist
13 Die Stahl Overtüre
14 Der Suizid
15 I want to go away
16 Matris Maria
17 Play my Game

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