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  • DRP. Peace Offensive. CD.

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DRP. Peace Offensive. CD.

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Limited Edition of 300 copies ONLY! DRP, a Japanese EBM band from Sapporo, released their first album "Electro Brain 586" on Body Records / Antler Subway way back in 1990. A second album "Peace Offensive" and the 12” ‘Make Love’ were recorded in 1991 but due to label policy's these recordings never saw the light of day. Recently Dirk Ivens found these treasures back in his archive and, remastered by Eric van Wonterghem (Monolith/Absolute Body Control), he decided to release both recordings in one Digipak CD, 23 years after the original recording date. This is EBM fresh and actual as it was recorded yesterday. HIGHLY recommended!

Track Listing

01 Peace Offensive
02 Remain
03 Family
04 Burn out
05 Make Love
06 Death Adventure
07 Adrenaline
08 Dictator
09 UFO Communication
10 Bleep Jesus
11 Make Love (Hyper Ecstasy Mix)
12 Make Love (Techno Brain mix)
13 Make Love (Electronoise Mix)