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  • Drahomira Song Orchestra. The Couch. Vinyl.

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Drahomira Song Orchestra. The Couch. Vinyl.

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An experimental art collective from France, Drahomira Song Orchestra continues to release groundbreaking music on various labels. In 2004, they released The Couch with Flesh Eating Ants.

Released as a 220 gram audiophile LP, limited to 101 hand numbered copies. Includes an insert with text in French, plus postcards. Recorded at Hotel Mercator, Greenland in Autumn 2002.

Track Listing

Side A:Before
A1 Welcome
A2 Staring At The Wallpaper
A3 Outer Space Calling
A4 Soft, Warm Blanket
A5 Inner Disease Song
A6 The Last Hypnosis Attempt
Side B: After
B ∞