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  • Download. Microscopic. 2LP Vinyl (Green, with Etching).
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Download. Microscopic. 3x 2LP Vinyl (Black, Red, Green, with Etching).

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Product Description

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Artoffact Records announces a vinyl re-issue of the early Download release Microscopic, featuring Mark Spybey.

~this product allows you to order all three colours of the Download "Microscopic" vinyl. You will receive three complete sets, including 3 sleeves.~

Released 20 years ago this year, Microscopic gave fans of Cevin Key a taste of the more beat-oriented direction that would be Download's signature sound in the 90s. The EP famously begins with the hypnotizing Omniman Remix, with voice contributions by Genesis P-Orridge. Now-classic Download tracks Attalal and Mothersonne follow, both remixed by Biosphere and Newt respectively. The album also contains two versions of the tribal techno track Noh Mans Land, as well as the title track Microscopic, which also features P-Orridge. The original album closed with the epic, 12-minute long Energy Plan and the under-a-minute closer, Papa Papa Mula Cwm.

For the Artoffact reissue, a rare remix of Attalal (Virtual Flower) was surfaced and added to the selection for the first time.

The album has been lovingly remastered for vinyl, and the breath-taking multi-image cover design is restored in all its blurry, disorienting glory.

Side D of the set contains an etching of actual bugs eating your vinyl. They will get you eventually. Etching by Stephen Seto, under supervision by Cevin Key.

Gatefold vinyl.
100 copies bug green.
150 copies solid red.
300 copies black.

Product Videos

Download - Microscopic (06:28)
MICROSCOPIC (1995-1996)
  • Download - Mic...
    MICROSCOPIC (1995-1996)
  • Download Mic...
  • Download Mic...

Track Listing

Side A
1 Omniman (Remix)
2 Attalal (Remixed By Biosphere)
3 Mothersonne (Remixed By Newt)

Side B
4 Noh Mans Land V
5 Microscopic
6 Noh Mans Visit

Side C
7 Energy Plan
8 Papa Papa Mula Cwm
9 Attalal (Virtual Flower)

Side D