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Download. III. 2LP Vinyl.

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Product Description

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A masterpiece of industrial, experimental, and IDM sounds!

In 1997, Download's III saw the project's line-up change to Anthony Valcic, Philth, and cEvin Key, and with that, the music shifted. What sounded almost like an updated PlatEAU record has become, two decades later, one of the classic records in the post-Skinny Puppy era canon. This Artoffact Records reissue is fully authorized and includes the III album on two slabs of wax. The audio is remastered, and the package is housed in an amazing gatefold sleeve. Essential!

Product Videos

Download - Tunnel - III (04:01)
Dwayne Goettel and cEvin Key I don't own the rights to the image or music, just wanted to share it with the world, since I couldn't find this song on YouTube!!
  • Download - Tun...
    Dwayne Goettel and cEvin Key I don't own the rights to the im...

Track Listing

Side A
Toooly Hooof

Side B
Mzeo B

Side C
Flight Of The Luminous Insects
Beauty In The Eyes
Sleeping Solus

Side D