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  • Download. Furnace. 3LP Silver Vinyl.
  • Download. Furnace. 3LP Silver Vinyl.

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Download. Furnace. 3LP Silver Vinyl.

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Originally released as a single disc in 1995, Furnace is the first official Download album and was later expanded by Cevin Key to a double-disc, 21-track collectors' set. More than 20 years after the initial release, Furnace now gets a deluxe triple-vinyl reissue courtesy Toronto-based Artoffact Records. The set includes all the original and expanded material remastered for vinyl and is housed in a triple gatefold sleeve. You can choose from one of three gorgeous versions of the Furnace 3LP:

- Standard version on silver-grey vinyl.
- Specially commissioned by Cevin Key, a tri-colour version where each record is a different colour (light blue, light green, dark blue).
- Limited edition Storming the Base exclusive with clear vinyl and green splatters.

The record is fully authorized by the band and the artwork has been lovingly restored. Download coupon included.

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Download - Furnace 01 Mallade (02:36)
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Track Listing

Side A
Seel Hole

Side B
Stone Grey Soil
Mother Sonne

Side C

Side D
Noh Mans Land
Re:Dux Part 1

Side E
Re:Dux Part 2
Re:Dux Part 3
Re:Dux Part 4
Re:Dux Part 5

Side F
Re:Dux Part 6
Re:Dux Part 7
Re:Dux Part 8