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  • Displacer. Curse of the Black Vinyl. Vinyl.
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Displacer. Curse of the Black Vinyl. Vinyl.


Product Description

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In 2013 Michael Morton AKA Displacer released the EP 'Curse of the Black Lotus' on his own realigned crime league imprint presented on cd-r and digital format. On the four tracks completed with a remix Displacer deeply dug into his artistic roots and showcased a brilliant mixture of darkened drum'n'bass and post-industrialism. Hymen Records and Crime League introduce the outstanding continuation of this release: 'Curse of the Black Vinyl'. On this record you will discover three exclusive displacer tracks: 'Freefall,' 'Unbreakable' and the overdub mix of 'I'll be Bach' which showcases vocalist Teslee Snipes and Keef Baker on bass. Furthermore, 'Curse of the Black Vinyl' presents four remixes by french artist Hologram_, american breakbeat / abstract musician DJ Swamp, Jonah K(amphorst) from canada, and legendary Meat Beat Manifesto mastermind Jack Dangers. The original tracks by Michael Morton and the processed remix works result in a masterly done, coherent revision - seven exciting aural explorations between breakbeats, electronica, trip hop, industrial synthwork and etheric, airy melodies. Simultaneously haunting and soothing, this album should be defined as a blessing instead of a curse - be invited! including a download code.

Product Videos

Displacer-Black Lotus (04:09)
LP:CURSE OF THE BLACK LOTUS_2013 LABEL:http://crimeleague.net/
  • Displacer-Blac...
    LP:CURSE OF THE BLACK LOTUS_2013 LABEL:http://crimeleague.net/

Track Listing

a1. rzla (hologram_ remix)
a2. black lotus (dj swamp remix)
a3. freefall
a4. black lotus (jonah k remix)
b1. i’ll be bach (overdub mix by displacer)
b2. rzla (mmxmetamix rmx by jack dangers)
b3. unbreakable