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  • Digital Poodle. Soul Crush. Yellow Vinyl.
  • Digital Poodle. Soul Crush. Yellow Vinyl.

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Digital Poodle. Soul Crush. Yellow Vinyl.

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Product Description

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Suction Records presents the 2nd volume in a vinyl reissue/remix series by Toronto’s Digital Poodle: “Revision! Vol2 - Soul Crush” (suction037). Formed in 1986 by Heiki Sillaste, Digital Poodle began self-releasing experimental/EBM tapes in the late-80s, and by the early-‘90s had several releases licensed to international labels like Hyperium, Cleopatra and Ninja Tune. “Soul Crush” was an underground hit in EBM/alternative clubs around the world - particularly in Toronto, but also making an impact was Zoviet France’s Virtual Mix… This hypnotic, 13-minute psychedelic techno trip, actually a live-in-studio jam between Digital Poodle and industrial music legends :zoviet*france:, became an unlikely rave staple, spun by DJs including Sven Väth. Both mixes are featured here, alongside a killer revision by none other than Adam X, one of this legendary techno producer’s rare remix appearances. One of the few artists to credibly bridge the gap between EBM and techno, here Adam X delivers a pummelling dancefloor stormer, with Heiki’s distorted vocals taking the Adam X sound even closer than usual to a pure, vintage-EBM sound.

Product Videos

Digital Poodle - Soul Crush (04:19)
From "Soul Crush" 1991
  • Digital Poodle...
    From "Soul Crush" 1991

Track Listing

1. Soul Crush
2. Soul Crush (Adam X Revision) 06:02
3. Soul Crush (Zoviet France Virtual Mix)
4. Soul Crush (Manie Sans DeĢlire Revision)