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  • Digital Poodle. Revision! Volume 1: Work Terminal. Vinyl.

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Digital Poodle. Revision! Volume 1: Work Terminal. Vinyl.

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Suction Records is pleased to present the 1st in a series of vinyl reissues by the Canadian EBM band, Digital Poodle, beginning with “Work Terminal,” an early ‘90s electronic dance floor anthem in Toronto, that sounds decidedly contemporary in 2015.

Digital Poodle formed in 1986 by vocalist/programmer Heiki Sillaste. Based in Toronto, Digital Poodle began releasing a series of cassettes and a 12” singles on their own Shadow Canada label. In 1991, Digital Poodle submitted the track “Work Terminal” to local alternative radio station CFNY, where it received heavy rotation alongside contemporary alternative hits by bands like Skinny Puppy, Front 242 and Depeche Mode. Indeed, “Work Terminal” became nothing short of a local EBM anthem, a staple in all of Toronto’s thriving alt/EBM club scene, and even crossing over into the emerging techno scene, with Digital Poodle even playing alongside Detroit’s Underground Resistance, Jeff Mills, Kenny Larkin and Joey Beltram at 1992’s The Realm Of The Techno Gods Festival.

Digital Poodle’s popularity in the EBM scene spread, and their music was picked up for license on Hyperium in Germany, and Metropolis in the USA. But with the early ‘90s being the era of CDs, this banging EBM anthem, a tried and tested dance floor killer, has really never seen a proper vinyl release, until now, and is rounded out by remixes by Opal Tapes’ O/H and Ghostly’s Solvent. Funnily enough, Digital Poodle, O/H, and Solvent were all part of Toronto’s original industrial-techno crossover scene, and indeed, chances are all of them were probably together in the same room at some Digital Poodle concert, circa 1991, slam dancing to Work Terminal!

The 12” is also rounded out by an impossibly rare 1991 cassette version, a much more clanging and ominous take than the original. Alongside O/H’s sludgy, furious techno version, and Solvent’s driving minimal synth reduction, “Revision! vol.1” offers a diverse set of dance floor killers for the modern industrial-techno scene.

Product Videos

Digital Poodle - Work Terminal (04:28)
This is the classic EBM / proto-rave monster club hit by legendary Canadian Industrial Music group DIGITAL POODLE. This video was shot and edited on super 8 mm film by DION CONFLICT in 1992, but the track was originally recorded in 1991 for the CFNY-FM compilation CD "Modern Rock". The track was also issued on Poodle's debut 1991 CD "Soul Crush", and later re-released in '92 with Oli Rosche's Hypnobeat/DOVe Germany imprint on the "Work Terminal" remix CD. Select discography now available for download at eMusic.com contact: infoATdigitalpoodleDOTcom
  • Digital Poodle...
    This is the classic EBM / proto-rave monster club hit by legen...

Track Listing

1. Work Terminal
2. Work Terminal (O/H revision)
3. Work Terminal (Solvent revision)
4. Work Terminal (Metro Tekno version)
5. Work Terminal (Celldod revision)