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  • Dieter Moebius. Ding. CD.

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Dieter Moebius. Ding. CD.

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If Dieter Moebius’ previous album ‘Kram’ was an irreverent mélange of bright synthetic textures, 2011’s ‘Ding’ might be considered Moebius’ industrial album. There is a cyclical, mechanical feel to many of the pieces here—but this is light industry, not heavy machinery. Small, discrete contraptions churn out curious objects as the listener strolls the factory floor, the combinations evolving as perspectives shift with each step taken.

Product Videos

Moebius - Ding (09:47)
Track 7 on CD album ''Ding'' (Klangbad, 2011)
  • Moebius - Ding
    Track 7 on CD album ''Ding'' (Klangbad, 2011)

Track Listing

01 Walksol
02 Defekt
03 Flink
04 Alaise
05 Neue News
06 Alfred
07 Ding
08 Zufall
09 Bone
10 Fou
11 Ruston & Monotron