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  • Die Form ÷ Musique Concrete. Cinema Obscura. CD.
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Die Form ÷ Musique Concrete. Cinema Obscura. CD.


Product Description

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From the adventurous and bold mind of Philippe Fichot, mastermind and uncompromising head of the cult fetish Industrial/Electro outfit Die Form, comes a riveting new undertaking. DIE FORM ÷ MUSIQUE CONCRETE is the new experimental, instrumental, cinematic, ambient solo-project of this French avant-garde Industrial pioneer, containing songs composed from 2013 to 2014. The tracks have been started during a recovery stay and were completed, improved and mixed in studio in 2015. Moreover, this project will be released on the original Die Form label Bain Total, reactivated in 2015! For this extraordinary project of Die Form mastermind Fichot, many different sources have been elaborately used and put to action: analogue and digital electronic tools in harmonic unison as well as noises and various tapes stemming from obscure sources – hence the "musique concrète" reference – as well as some natural and artificial voices to further build on the thin red line be- tween the organic world and the realm of technology. This bold and courageous enterprise could be regarded as a transition between the past and the future, between man and machine, perpetually inspired by silence and meditation. When words fail, it is the music that prevails. Graced with a stunning artwork placed on the borderlands between dream and nightmare, set in a labyrinthine world of flesh and cables, that exquisitely echoes the musical mood of these unique tracks, “Cinema Obscura” is a speechless dictionary of human emotions. Of wrath, of anger, of loss, of failure, of despair. But also of hope, lingering in unexpected places. Of memories, of love. Sometimes, we don't need words to express what we feel. We just need to play records like this. 

Track Listing

01 Melodia Melancolica
02 Kantic Music
03 Immobilis
04 Molecules
05 Tempus Ex Tenebrae
06 Vivarium
07 Monoxyde Action/Ohne Luft Part. 1
08 Mnemodrame (Théâtre de la mémoire)
09 Mental Room
10 Presomniac Fields
11 Monoxyde Action/Ohne Luft Part.2
12 Cinema Obscura