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Die Form. Inhuman. CD.

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Die Form’s newest album for 2004, InHuman, is the first part of a diptych which will be completed by the follow-up ExHuman. Marking an evolution, but also a renewal as far as tools, technique and composition are concerned, InHuman exonerates the French S&M band to new levels of musical genius. Éliane’s vocals hold a prominent place as a revealer of emotions, contrasting with the dark universe of images, the cruelty of some of the lyrics and the para-mechanical option of Phillippe’s electronic music. Among other things, the diptych is about the pact between the human and the animal, the agony of the soul, forbidden loves, murderous madness, the spirit of the forest, and the sacrifice of nature. The framework of the first part, InHuman, is nature, real or rebuilt, where the elements have been reorganized in order to get a new reality, invisible to the naked eye, bordering on the very essence of the being, “born of the consensual confrontation of love and death.”