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  • Diary Of Dreams. Elegies in Darkness. CD.

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Diary Of Dreams. Elegies in Darkness. CD.

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Dark and melancholic, the 2014 work of the German synth-pop-goth band could hardly fail. The listener is immersed in "Elegies In Darkness" in heavy, slow soundscapes from poignant ballads and pulsating club anthems. The impressive-sounding coexistence of guitar with synthetic sounds and classic style has indeed always been the appeal of Diary Of Dreams, but this time it's particularly well done. Since 1989 Diary Of Dreams are one of the protagonists of the Dark Wave and electro-pop scene, not only in Germany but also internationally. More than 450 concerts in 36 countries speak for themselves. "Elegies In Darkness" is available in two editions: In addition to the jewel case there is a strictly limited edition digibox with 32-page booklet and exclusive bonus tracks.

Track Listing

01 Malum (4:53)
02 The Luxury of Insanity (5:57)
03 StummKult (4:53)
04 Dogs of War (5:26)
05 A day in December (4:12)
06 A dark Embrace (6:33)
07 The Game (3:53)
08 Dream of a Ghost (5:37)
09 Daemon (6:00)
10 House of Odds (4:16)
11 The Battle (5:27)
12 Die Gassen der Stadt (3:16)