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Dev/Null. Lazer Thrash. CD.

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it took three years to record this album and an additional year to be released - but to make a long story short: it's the worth the wait. dev/null, aka pete cassin, presents his first full-length release "lazer thrash": a million beats, notes and moods are compressed into a few seconds which pounds the defenseless listener to the wall. cassin throws in references to everything from grindcore to classic rave; chip tunes, space-jazz and doom metal; a continuous data overflow and a merciless attack on all the senses. if you are into the real heavy stuff you can't miss this one! this uniqueness in dev/null's sound has already won him a huge number of underground fans. he's probably one of the best-known breakcore producers even though he has a limited release history. he holds a new special place as being one of the most downloaded new producers via p2p networks the world over. we're proud to finally release this amazing, dare we say ground-breaking, first debut release from our friend dev/null. released on cock rock disco and available March 9th, 2007.