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  • Deutsch Nepal. Dystopian Party Collection Vol. 2. CD.
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Deutsch Nepal. Dystopian Party Collection Vol. 2. CD.


Product Description

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The follow-up to the first CD on Cold Meat Industry 2008! Vol.2 contains a mixture of orfan tracks, exclusive remixes and music that could be found earlier on limited vinyl only, as well as some interesting collaborations featuring some of the deepest undergrounds’ finest selection of artists. A big variation of sounds and representing a wide timespan and alien transformations of the music in orbit round the fat planet Baby Doll. Recorded from 2009 to 2015, 12 tracks, 63 mins., refined and supported by Trepaneringsritualen, Navicon Torture Technologies and Der Blutharsch. A compilation of music recorded under different conditions on different occations, direction of sound and quality vary and produce a strongly addictive cocktail of dystopian music from Deutsch Nepal!

Track Listing

1. How Low... 05:52
2. Ich Steh' im Regen 06:09
3. Institution 03:29
4. Social Report 05:10
5. Rommel I love U! 05:38
6. Janitor 04:38
7. Victum Vermis 08:08
8. In the Other End of the Bottle 06:06
9. The Lonely Comming Down 04:52
10. We shall Live Again (additional vocals) 05:14
11. To the Earth 04:28
12. Rapist Park Junktion 03:15

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