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  • Der Plan. Unkapitulierbar. Coloured Vinyl+CD.
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Der Plan. Unkapitulierbar. Coloured Vinyl+7"+CD.


Product Description

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The super limited DER PLAN version of the album (BB270) is strictly limited to 300 copies only. It’s coming in a deluxe Gatefold Sleeve, with vinyl-sized booklet, coloured Vinyl and including an exclusive 7” single… also the CD in THIS version contains 4 extra-tracks NOT included on the regular CD or Vinyl!

Incredible but true: Moritz R®, Kurt Dahlke aka Pyrolator and Frank Fenstermacher have met in the studio after 25 years and recorded a new album. For latecomers: One can claim without exaggeration that DER PLAN was one of the – and perhaps the most –powerful German bands during the time of musical departure at the beginning of the 1980s. Maybe they even still are?

The defiant title of the new album translates as "Uncapitulable!" and signalizes both continuity and unbrokenness. That's hardly a given when three musicians have gone their own separate ways for a quarter of a century. As is often the case, an external occasion provided the spark for the idea of a comeback: as the birthday band at Andreas Dorau's 50th, the band discovered that they could still have fun playing music together – and so did the audience, with audible results. So the band collected sketches, fragments and ideas that had accumulated over the years and produced "Un- kapitulierbar" in three weeks at Pyrolator's Ata Tak Studio Berlin.

With a press release like this one, one often tries to draw comparisons to other bands. Any such attempt is impossible with DER PLAN because DER PLAN is DER PLAN! And "Unkapitulierbar" is a melodic, electronic, brightly colored kaleidoscope of an album. DER PLAN in 2017 sounds as timeless and modern as you might have hoped for.

Track Listing

01 Wie der Wind weht
02 Lass die Katze stehn
03 Man leidet herrlich
04 Grundrecht
05 Es heisst die Sonne
06 Gesicht ohne Buch
07 Stille hören
08 Flohmarkt der Gefühle
09 Der Herbst
10 Körperlos im Cyberspace
11 Zu Besuch bei N.Senada
12 Der Rabe
13 Come Fly with Me
14 Was kostet der Austritt
15 Die Hände des Astronauten
Extra-Tracks on CD:
16 Wellenstein
17 Primitiv
18 Gefährliche Clowns (2016)
19 Franks Traum
Exclusive Tracks on 7”:
A1: Achroma [04:32]
B1: Chroma [04:06]