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  • Der Blutharsch. The Wolvennest Sessions. CD.
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Der Blutharsch. The Wolvennest Sessions. CD.

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Offered as a DER BLUTHARSCH release, this album was actually the Belgian project WOLVENNEST, that approached Albin Julius & Co. to work on original WOLVENNEST material. Wolvennest or WLVNNST is a musical partnership project of Michel Kirby (La Muerte), Corvus von Burtle (Cult Of Erinyes) and Marc De Backer (Mongolito) proposing a compositional process of guitar loops, repetitive beats, synthesizers and keys mixed to darkened hypnotic ambient vocal sounds. Their debut features Albin Julius and Marthynna as guest and co-writers of the album whose songs are described by metal/gothic musical mags and webzine as a mix of 70's sounds Krautrock and early 90's Norwegian Black Metal.

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The Wolvennest Sessions
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    The Wolvennest Sessions

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Track Listing

01 Out of Darkness Deep
02 Unreal
03 Slow Death