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  • Dennis Young. Wave/Electronic Music 1984-1988. CD.
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Dennis Young. Wave/Electronic Music 1984-1988. CD.


Product Description

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Dennis Young, best known as the percussionist of the New York band LIQUID LIQUID, in parallel produced much of his own material, including 3 cassettes from 1985 to 1988, which are of particular interest. They are his tribute to the pioneers of electronic music. Young: "My love for electronic music goes back to the late 70’s when I decided to buy my first synth, a rare used vintage Davolisint made in Italy. This lead to my discovery of more electronic music artists using synthesizers such as Klaus Schulze, Tim Blake, Larry Fast, Edgar Froese, Brian Eno, and Cluster just to name a few. My musical challenge was then to create my own electronic music using this instrument. The music resulted in three now out of print cassette only recordings entitled “Concepts” (1985), Reflections” (1987), and “Quest” (1988)...."

Track Listing

01 Project Ozma
02 Arabian Nights
03 Spirit of the Ages
04 Empty Quarter
05 Celestrial Voyage
06 Twilight
07 River in the Sea
08 Found Trees
09 Ancient Vision
10 Starlight, Starbright
11 Interference