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Delaware. Lost In The Beauty of Innocence. CD.

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Delaware is an alternative indie pop band from Drammen, Norway. They have a distinctive sound, characterized by vocalist Richard Holmsen's both angelic and raw, desperate voice. The combination of quite diverse elements in their music, makes it both beautiful to the ear and interesting for the mind. At a Delaware concert, audiences will find themselves listening to delicate, almost acoustic ballads that turn into monsters of screaming guitars and pounding drums. They do it with heart and mind, and each contrast feels natural. Metropolis Records is proud to present the bandÂ’s second album and first North American release, Lost In The Beauty of Innocence. This is not your typical Metroplis band, nor is it your typical pop rock band. Drums, guitars, piano, and caring vocals make this album destined for radio stardom as well as an album for quiet listening with your special someone. Released on Metropolis and available May 23rd, 2006.<

Track Listing

1.The Fourteenth
3.A Butterfly Kiss
4.Let Them Go
7.To The Unsung
8.For What Reason
9.Wish For
12.With Fear And Anticipation