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  • Decree. Wake of Devastation. CD.
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Decree. Wake of Devastation. CD.

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Product Description

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Originally released in 1997 on the now-defunct Decibel and Off Beat labels, the debut album from Decree is a mid-90s industrial masterpiece! Masterminded by Front Line Assembly and Delerium contributor Chris Peterson, along with Jeff Stoddard and John McRae, the Decree debut has been out of print for well over a decade. Now remastered and with two previously unreleased bonus tracks, you can enjoy this slab of Vancouver industrial lore courtesy Artoffact Records.

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Decree - Wake of Devastation [industrial] FULL album HQ HD (45:16)
This CD is out of print so enjoy... Great band that later went more metal but this release is really hard even without metal riffs. http://www.decree.ca/
  • Decree - Wake ...
    This CD is out of print so enjoy... Great band that later went...

Track Listing

1 Delusion
2 The Last Day
3 Who Dares?
4 Fire Of Offering
5 Madness Unveiled
6 Talons Grasp
7 Never Nearer
8 Darkness Visible
9 Downward
10 Bitter End
11 Infinite Nothing (Bonus Track)
12 Grand Despiser (Bonus Track)