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  • Dear Deer. Oh My... CD.
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Dear Deer. Oh My... CD.

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Product Description

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The duo is mixing post-punk, industrial and nowave in a unique and original way and appeared live for the first time in Lille at the "Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes II" event in April 2015. The band toured quite a lot during 2016, including France, Belgium and Poland, opening for acts such as The Kvb, Savage Republic and Guerre Froide. This dynamic year gave birth to the album "Oh My ..." released by Swiss Dark Nights on CD.

Track Listing

01 Snail
02 Dear Deer
03 Arnolfini
04 Statement
05 Tvd
06 Claudine In Berlin
07 Klamca
08 Czekajnanas
09 Clinical Physical

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