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  • Dead When I Found Her. Rag Doll Blues. CD.
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Dead When I Found Her. Rag Doll Blues. MP3.


Product Description

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The second CD from popular Portland-based industrial act Dead When I Found Her comes after two years of hard work, stage appearances, and remix commissions. Rag Doll Blues contains 12 tracks of industrial and synthpop comparable to Skinny Puppy meets Seabound, and the notable artist breaks new ground on tracks like New Age of Reason and the crazy-catchy Rain Machine. Definitely a candidate for album of the year!

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Product Videos

DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER - Better Days (Live @ Starlight Ballroom 11.11.11) (04:46)
DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER'The Proof'live @ Starlight Ballroom 11.11.2011.Camera & Editing by Luke Haughwoutwww.regenmag.comhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/ReGen-Magazine/51677509576EDITOR'S NOTE: A backing MP3 (from the album this song appeared on) was used to sweeten the live sound for this clip. The band is absolutely NOT doing lip sync.
    DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER'The Proof'live @ Starlight Ballroom 11.1...

Track Listing

1. No More Nightmares
2. Better Days
3. New Age of Reason
4. Rain Machine
5. Doll Pieces
6. Dry Bed
7. Mirrors
8. Panic Matter
9. Doll Parts
10. Lesser Light
11. Scissors
12. Stainless