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  • Dead When I Found Her. Eyes On Backwards. CD.
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Dead When I Found Her. Eyes On Backwards. CD.


Product Description

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Following 2015’s brooding All the Way Down comes Eyes on Backwards, the fourth full-length from Michael Arthur Holloway’s industrial project Dead When I Found Her.


Eyes on Backwards is a blistering album. Those expecting another introverted, soul-crushing opus are in for quite a shock: the record opens with the furious Tantrum, and before you catch your breath lays it on heavy with DWIFH’s densest material to date: The Big Reverse digs deep into Skinny Puppy-esque territory, with sample nods to the masters and Holloway’s distinctive voice rages harder than you’re accustomed to. And then you’re just two songs in. The material is denser, in a way easier to digest, but at the same time more dangerous, more vicious; a hound in hell rather than hell itself.

Dead When I Found Her has absolutely found its own voice in the industrial landscape, and it is the voice of menace.

Eyes on Backwards is released as a standard CD with booklet.

Track Listing

1. Tantrum
2. The Big Reverse
3. Shining Path
4. Braille
5. High Anxiety
6. Unsolved History
7. Midlife Eclipse
8. The Pines
9. Serus Mundi