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  • Dave Ball & Jon Savage. Photosynthesis. CD.

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Dave Ball & Jon Savage. Photosynthesis. CD.

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“We started composing some quasi pop/classical pieces that gradually morphed and evolved into one, hour-long piece. Via digital recording and processing of vintage analogue sound sources (i.e. mini Moog, Sequential Circuits, Prophet 5 synthesizers etc.) the piece gradually took shape. The title Photosynthesis' was re-appropriated from the botanical process. Sitting in the garden surrounded by trees and plants on a sunny day, the idea of organisms using sunlight to synthesise nutrients from CO2 and water became an inspiration to us. This idea, juxtaposed with mankind's destruction of the planet through pollution and war gave us the inspiration to compose this soundscape.”  Dave Ball (Soft Cell, The Grid) and Jon Savage.

Track Listing

01 One Night in Helmand Province (16:28)
02 ATM#1 (4:15)
03 ATM#2 (4:16)
04 Hypodermic (7:20)
05 Liquid Skyliner - Zeitgeist (9:38)
06 Passing Cloud Factory (6:03)
07 The Process (3:37)
08 Dead Neon (4:25)