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Das Weeth Experience. The Accentric Sounds Of....

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Despite their obscure name, the Hamburg band Das Weeth Experience have their solid band history on their credit.

Through their fourth album, Das Weeth Experience blow a stoic wind, of which it is impossible to say, whether it blows from the desert or from the coast. Only one thing is for certain: its home is not with music TV, ring tones or target group research. With their classic instrumentation bass-drums-guitar/vocals and with an analogue attitude, they achieve what other bands spend years for in studios: songs with space, time and atmosphere. Sometimes, less is still more. Titles like "Blue" or "Munich Kitchen Rocket" soak the mind in scratched melancholy, in a serious way and without any hysteria. "Rusty Stars" shows that to be heartily pissed off about present situations doesn't necessarily mean to end in bitterness and that even a cosmic cargo spaceship, tipping over an enormous load of earth scrap on Saturn may be something somehow graceful... if it is reborn as a guitar solo. And even Pink Floyd would probably sell Syd Barrett for an instrumental song like "ElvisHeroinJazz" (OK, they already have, but it didn't really come to much). Due to the processing of Tobias Levin, the whole of it sounds so continuously pressing and sophisticated, that even "Stereoplay" wouldn't fault it.

This ought to be a better world, but it is still going to take some time. At least, from time to time, there is some great earful of music to listen to. "The Accentric Sounds of Das Weeth Experience" belongs to that. And if it wasn't for promoting the album, we could almost believe what they try to whisper between the lines: art is not commercial.

Released on Artoffact Records.