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  • DarkDriveClinic. Noise In My Head.

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DarkDriveClinic. Noise In My Head. CD.

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Legendary producer John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, Fad Gadget, Nine Inch Nails, Cradle Of Filth, HIM) and incredibly enchanting vocalist Rebecca Coseboom (of Stripmall Architecture and Halou) are DarkDriveClinic. While John spent the better part of three decades helping sculpt the sound of classic albums that defined labels like 4AD and Mute and launched whole genres of underground music, the seeds for the songs found on Noise In My Head, DarkDriveClinic's debut album, were taking root. From the opening echoes of "Crawl," their mastery is clearly evident and the stage is set. A delicate, sweeping collage of sounds melt seamlessly into the swirling hypnotic guitars of "The Offering.” Ethereal, emotive, heartbreaking and powerful, the stunning voice of Rebecca seethes and undulates through the music. DarkDriveClinic’s perfect balance of exquisite vocals and production on Noise In My Head results in one of the most accomplished releases we've heard in years.

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DarkDriveClinic - Silhouettes (03:51)
From the forthcoming debut album, "Noise In My Head," to be released in late 2011.Directed by Ryan Coseboom with Timothy Benton. Editing and processing by Ryan Coseboom.
  • DarkDriveClini...
    From the forthcoming debut album, "Noise In My Head," to be re...

Track Listing

01. Crawl
02. The Offering
03. Mercury Head
04. Litmus Heart
05. Find the Flaw
06. Love's Lost Cross
07. Breathe Shallow
08. Still Contagious
09. Angel of Malcontent
10. Bite My Tongue
11. Silhouettes
12. Don't Give Up On Me
13. Noise in My Head