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  • Czar. Vertical Mass Grave. Vinyl.

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Czar. Vertical Mass Grave. Vinyl.

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Product Description

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Chicago trio Czar presents its extraordinary debut album, Vertical Mass Grave. A fusion of brain and brawn, power and finesse, brutality and hooks, Vertical Mass Grave is a progressive, aggressive slab of what Outburn Magazine has coined “thinking man’s metal” and the Chicago Reader has described as “a rich diversity of guitar sounds and textures, riveted in place by inventive percussion”. Czar features members of Acumen Nation and DJ? Acucrack, stalwarts of Chicago’s fabled industrial and electronic scenes. Indeed, Czar’s precise rhythms and dark ambience point to these roots, but on Vertical Mass Grave the band detonates the limitations of any genre, opting instead for an anthemic, emotive sound that transcends time and place. Czar pilots freely across the musical map - parallels can be drawn to the machine-like punishment of Helmet or Gojira, the skyward majesty of Jesu or Mastodon, and even the damaged melodies of Failure - but the result is not chaos, it is one cathartic album’s worth of seamlessly crafted songs, an absolute feast for the ears. The follow-up to Czar’s 2009 self-titled EP, Vertical Mass Grave was recorded by Matt Talbott, guitarist/vocalist of Hum, at Great Western Record Recorders (Emery, Open Hand, Adai), then mixed and mastered by the band. The sound is warm and heavy, and begs to be cranked. Vertical Mass Grave is set for a December 6 release on Cracknation, the label founded in 2002 by Czar’s Jason Novak. In addition to releasing music by Czar, Acumen Nation, and DJ? Acucrack, Cracknation has functioned as a production house, creating instrumental tracks for TV shows (True Blood, MTV Music Awards), original scores for videogames (Vogster Entertainment’s Unbound Saga [PSP]), and remixes for the likes of KMFDM, Frontline Assembly, and Prong.

Track Listing

01. family crest
02. scarless
03. cun
04. diapers
05. brunt
06. tubman gutletter
07. writhe
08. blodeuwedd
09. spooling down
10. redeemer