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  • Cynical Existence. We Are The Violence. CD.
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Cynical Existence. We Are The Violence. CD.


Product Description

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For his 3rd album under the CYNICAL EXISTENCE moniker, Swedish bad boy Fredrik Croona surrounded himself with some talented musicians in the names of Filip Lönnqvist (RAVE THE REQVIEM) on guitars and George Klontzas (PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1) in the production seat. A winning team bringing CYNICAL EXISTENCE to the next level on a more than aptly titled album "We Are The Violence"... The music is at the same time more refined but also more powerful and noir.  More melodic but also more direct and destructive.  We of course get served the band's characteristic "in your face" attitude while revealing a wider aggressive vocal range and insufflating trance and electro influences into their power industrial assaults. CYNICAL EXISTENCE are back to wake you up from hell and trigger some self-torture and soul amputation. Uplifting dark afflictions to your ears and brains!  This is annihilating heavy dark elektroniks!   

Track Listing

1.We are the violence
2.Wake up call
4.The kill
5.War of times
7.The dead empire
8.Afflicition of self torture
9.Stains that never fade feat Wojek Krol
10.Sweet dreams
12.Amputation of the soul
13.The Betrayal
14.We are through