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  • Cygnosic. Siren. CD.

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Cygnosic. Siren. CD.

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The 5th album from CygnosiC. 12 tracks of perfectly crafted slamming dark electro, a testament to an artist at the peak of his creative powers. With every album Georg Psaroudakis finds some new spins and twists to add to his already formidable arsenal of songwriting skills, while always retaining the distinctive signature sound that has made CygnosiC such a scene favourite and in such high demand as a remixer.

"Siren" is no exception - simply the cream of the crop so far.

Product Videos

Cygnosic - Siren (2017) (03:41)
A track from the Cygnosic's upcoming new album "Siren". Release date is 20.01.2017. Buy the album on PledgeMusic or Bandcamp of DWA label. PledgeMusic - http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/cygnosic/ DWA - http://dwa.store/album/siren
  • Cygnosic - Sir...
    A track from the Cygnosic's upcoming new album "Siren". Releas...
  • Cygnosic - Dea...
    Album: Siren (2017)

Track Listing

01 Siren
02 The Swarm
03 Survive
04 Deadly Affair
05 Aftermath
06 Free
07 Again
08 Mind Crusher
09 What matters
10 Unbroken
11 I am the Reason
12 Oceans of Time