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Curl. We Are Complex. CD.

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Product Description

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D-monic is very happy to announce the release of the new album by the french-british band CURL "We Are Complex". The band is leaded by FranckA, who is the CORPUS DELICTI's former guitarist (92 to 94), with Curl he decided to come back to 'new-wave' and began to explore more electronic sounds. FranckA has created the right alchemy with the collaboration of british singer Hayley Alker (Helsinki, who is composed of ex CRANES members) whose voice is just a beauty. The album also includes the participation of Sebastian, legendary singer of Corpus Delicti. Curl sound is unique, taking influences from DAVID SYLVIAN, JOY DIVISON, NIN, THE CURE, COCTEAU TWINS, KRAFTWERK and RADIOHEAD. "Inner", their second album, was released by EMI Publishing in 2004 and their cover of "Closer" by NIN won a nomination for the QWARTZ Electro Music Awards. This new album is a true masterpiece, the sound-production is huge, this is going to be THE revelation of 2010! Don’t miss this brilliant album. Released on D-Monic and available March 15th, 2010. <

Track Listing

01. Sign
02. We Are Complex
03. Lunar Parks
04. Salt Taste
05. Bubble
06. Minerals
07. A Lullaby
08. Unsaid
09. Devil At Work
10. Dangerous
11. Point Of No Return
12. Static