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  • CTRL. Loaded Weapons and Darkened Days. CD.

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CTRL. Loaded Weapons and Darkened Days. CD.

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"Loaded Weapons And Darkened Days” is the fourth full-length release from veteran electro group CTRL. Blending punchy sequences, melancholy guitars, and bleak, poetic lyrics, CTRL has created a record which transcends the boundaries of EBM. After the group's first two studio albums, "Secure the Shadow" (1998), and "Is Burning" (2001), original vocalist Joel Willard decided to follow other pursuits, leaving the band in a state of disarray. After taking a break to produce tracks with his side project, Low Technicians, keyboardist and founding member Brad MacAllister decided to restart the band, and assume main vocal duties, with the backing of new member Alex Virlios (formerly of Provision). Guitarist and lyricist Jason Fenimore stayed on, and the new form of CTRL was complete.

A third album, “Lose The Image” (2004) was released to a warm reception, as the band honed in on their new genre-crossing sound. Mutual friend Damon Shelton (previously in bands such as Mentallo and the Fixer) joined to lend his talents as a keyboardist and live member.

Not content to rest on their laurels, the band continued into 2005 hard at work on their newest record, “Loaded Weapons And Darkened Days”. Continuing down the path set forth by “Lose The Image”, CTRL gives us their unique take on modern electronic music. Shimmering, 4AD-esque guitars collide with club-ready riffs, and the package is tied together with moody, melancholy songs.

Product Videos

CTRL - Such A Shame (05:58)
A very simple vid I made for the group CTRL's track 'Such A Shame' from "Loaded Weapons and Darkened Days". You can find them @ CTRLmusic.com or over at http://www.myspace.com/ctrl Enjoy!
  • CTRL - Such A ...
    A very simple vid I made for the group CTRL's track 'Such A Sh...

Track Listing

1. Grand Experiment
2. December
3. Some Other Time
4. Such A Shame
5. The Same
6. Dreams
7. Reversion
8. Years Younger
9. Breakdown
10. Crushed