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  • Corde Oblique. I Maestri del Colore. CD.
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Corde Oblique. I Maestri del Colore. CD.


Product Description

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The sixth album by CORDE OBLIQUE was conceived as a wooden palette used to mix colours with sounds. The album title accordingly stands for ‘The Masters of Colour’. The sounds of the colours are evoked by using a wide range of different musical instruments and musical styles. Almost all existing music tonalities have been involved to create the songs; moreover every song title refers to a different colour and the graphic design was inspired by one of the most famous Italian art history encyclopaedias printed in the '60s. The cover Picture is a photo by one of the most prestigious and acclaimed Italian photographers: Franco Fontana. The album includes 13 unreleased songs written and produced by the mastermind Riccardo Prencipe. Over 50 minutes of refined Progressive-Ethereal-Folk music in the well-known, high quality CORDE OBLIQUE sound. The album features various musicians and guests from IRFAN and ASHRAM to the ever present violin player EDO NOTARLOBERTI and many more.

Product Videos

Corde Oblique "Suono su tela" (Official Video Ft. Gianpiero Galdi, Maria Filali) (05:43)
Music composed by Riccardo Prencipe From the album "I maestri del Colore" OUT ON MAY 2 / 2016 www.cordeoblique.com (infinite Fog/Audioglobe) Director Claudio D'avascio Tango dancers: Gianpiero Galdi, Maria Filali Soundengineer: Corrado Taglialatela Musicians: Riccardo Prencipe (electric guitar) Edo Notarloberti (violin) Umberto Lepore (bass) Alessio Sica (drums) Luigi Rubino (piano) Special thanks to: Giorgio Zinno and Michele Ferrante Video locations: Villa Bruno (San Giorgio a Cremano) Teatro Summarte (Somma Vesuviana) www.infinitefog.ru www.claudiodavascio.com www.filaligaldi.com www.cordeoblique.com
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    Music composed by Riccardo Prencipe From the album "I maestri ...

Track Listing

01 Suono su tela
02 I Sassi di Matera
03 Violet Nolde
04 Il cretto nero
05 Giallo dolmen
06 Amara terra mia
07 Papavero e memoria
08 A fondo oro
09 Rosa d'Asia
10 L'urlo rosso
11 Blu regale
12 Blubosforo
13 L'occhio bianco