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  • Corde Oblique. A Hail of Bitter Almonds. CD.
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Corde Oblique. A Hail of Bitter Almonds. CD.


Product Description

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Fourth album as CORDE OBLIQUE from the Italian guitarist Riccardo Prencipe, previously leader of LVPERCALIA. This amazingly beautiful new masterpiece has been mixed and mastered in a studio in New York for a maximum of quality in sound – and indeed: On this latest opus, the sound is extremely pure. Corde Oblique's musical landscape is like a warm wind from the Mediterranean Se. Folk music tinted of nostalgia, enchanted by Italian female voices. Riccardo welcomes in his line-up the violinist and pianist of Ashram, Argine's drummer, a cellist and exquisite female voices such as the one of Claudia Sorvillo...  Like a painter, Prencipe composes a musical painting with many guests as Daemonia Nymphe, the Synaulia (musicians on the movie 'Gladiator'), Anathema's Duncan Patterson, Sergio Panaella, singer of Ashram. A special remark deserves the beautiful acoustic cover of Radiohead’s classic 'Jigsaw Falling'. Corde Oblique's music captivates by its grace, its beauty and the strength of his compositions, like a heady perfume. To coincide with the new album, finally also Riccardo Prencipe’s long deleted 4th album has been re-printed on the project’s own THE STONE OF NAPLES label.

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Corde Oblique - A hail of bitter almonds (02:08)
Title: A hail of bitter almonds Artist: Corde Oblique Album: A hail of bitter almonds Track #1 © Corde Oblique
  • Corde Oblique ...
    Title: A hail of bitter almonds Artist: Corde Oblique Album: A...

Track Listing

01 A Hail of bitter Almonds
02 Together alone
03 Arpe di Vento
04 Paestum
05 La Madre che non c'e'
06 Slide
07 Le Pietre di Napoli
08 Jigsaw Falling
09 Crypta Neapolitana
10 Gioia di Vivere
11 Red Little Wine
12 The Man of Wood
13 Le piccole Cose
14 Pietra Bianca
15 Su un Dipinto di Giovanni Bellini